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Meh-worthy. Punch line at the end of good, but abrupt and rushed compared to the rest of the animation.

You have a voice actor, but I didn't hear speaking parts.

Overall, interesting mixture of styles. Some of the time, it worked (like the filter, the guitar music, and simplistic flash drawing). Other times, it contrasted (like the Hallelujah with the more cartoony vending machine).

You have the potential, though. Keep practicing and improving and you'll get there!

Bork20 responds:

Thank you for your comment. I had a friend who wanted to be the shouting voice of the bear when he gets angry. I experimented and tried different things while managing the project but i really appreciate your CC.

Awesome music!

It took me a while to figure out what it was. Almost blammed it since I was expecting an animation due to the epic visual intro. And yes, I did 5 it (See first line).

Volume of music and speaking is disproportionate.
I had to turn my speakers up to hear the character, and then I had to turn them down and apply bandages to my ears for the outro music.

Solid animation though!

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Very fun take on an annoying game.

Bazooka so much fun!

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Jon8547360 responds:

thank you, the new version now includes unlockable upgrades and a nicer background

Enjoy the satire of the game.

Legend of payouts is illegible at the lower currencies.

Shame I don't know Korean, but kudos for using the right characters!

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Kainante responds:

The dear Leader loves you and calls you to learn Korean

Fun game. Mostly.

Controls a little clunky, but effectively it came down to memorize where the bad guys are. Some scenarios force you into death by being surrounded.
AI shoots right as being activated, leaving very little room for error.

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Not too shabby.

Nothing that the others haven't said already.

The transitions assisted in bringing the various rhythms/styles together that would otherwise not coexist. The way you took my VA bit was done in a way I'm surprised. I could be thinking lowly of myself, but that was pretty sweet.

However, the point where the song loops is noticeable. Whether you start from the get-go or make it to the end and loop it, it's noticeable and jarring. Some of the transitions are as well.

I really don't see this as a stand alone song. Maybe a song for a club scene background, but not the defining piece. As mentioned, some places are missing a layer of something. It changes throughout. From about 2:00 to roughly 3:48 is where you nail it.

Also, didn't you say you were going to tag me in your comments for the VA bit?

For the amount of time you became sick of it, it's pulled together nicely.

Dj-Zexus responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback. ;D
Sorry, I forgot to mention you.
That was my bad. >.<
I'll fix it right now.


Granted, the song has a rhythm, beat, and constant theme that all fits together.

However, it is somewhat unappealing. You have a fair start, I'll give you that. With some fine-tuning, it could be a wonderful grunge remix song. However, the voice makes no sense and counteracts the music.

Then there's the piano part. It was an awkward transition with the spamming of screaming randomly. It sounds like something I could do if I randomly hit piano keys. I take that back. That would sound better.

Granted, I have very little experience making music. And granted, I've played flute for nine years, piccolo for five years, alto saxophone for four, and baritone saxophone for one year; having placed my various bands and orchestras really high in competitions, and even managed to participated five times in honor bands/orchestras over the last three years. As I was saying, what could I know about music?

Iwannahamster responds:

I really don't know what you COULD know about music, you're right, because there's one thing you didn't mention in your credentials... MUSIC CLUB!!!!!!!!!

Seriously man, someone can spend their whole life playing an instrument day in and day out but without raw talent and music education, that practice can't help you.

Please take music theory and get GED.

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